The 1st Pi NIANGZEN TROPHY 2019 | Quarter-Finals | Matchday 4 Preview  Fixture: 3rd July,2019 (Wednesday)  United Khawzim Brothers vs Koite Youth Union @ 02:00 pm

The 1st Pi NIANGZEN TROPHY 2019 | Quarter-Finals | Matchday 4 Preview Fixture: 3rd July,2019 (Wednesday) United Khawzim Brothers vs Koite Youth Union @ 02:00 pm


The 1st Pi NIANGZEN TROPHY 2019 | Quarter-Finals | Matchday 4 Preview

3rd July,2019 (Wednesday)

United Khawzim Brothers vs Koite Youth Union @ 02:00 pm

Heavyweights United Khawzim Brothers to have acid test against Koite Youth Union

📝 By: Seiminlun Kipgen

🗓 Ccpur, 3rd July, 2019:

After Konsham FC, FC Zotal and SYMROPIA FC claimed entry into the semi-finals, the onus is now with United Khawzim Brothers and Koite Youth Union to battle for the last available slot in the last-four as the two sides go head-to-head for what is going to be the last quarter-finals match of the ongoing 1st Pi Niangzen Trophy 2019 later this afternoon at Lamka Public Ground, Churachandpur.

It is all well for United Khawzim Brothers this campaign as they blown apart every opponents they faced during the group-stage and today it will be learnt how well they finish the tournament when they face tournament’s dark-horse Koite Youth Union who have riches of experience to overcome big match in comparison to other opponents of the Khawzim Brothers during the group-stage.

It has been a while now when United Khawzim Brothers made big impact in open football tournaments as they bowed out in the quarter-finals on four occasions of last year alone – Zou Gal Centenary Shield 2017-18, Zomi Namni Football Tournament 2018, Hmar Martyrs’ Trophy 2018 and the Seikam Memorial Trophy 2018. With strings of convincing display in this tournament, they might be convinced they will be able to break the jinx of their quarter-finals curse.

Meanwhile, Koite Youth Union are fully established in District Super League and with the progress and display they produced during group-stage, they are in no mood to surrender today’s crunch fixture as they eye to trigger upset against the Manipur State League bound club.

During group-stage, United Khawzim Brothers scored past 12 goals and conceded just once while Koite Youth Union have 7 goals and given away 3 goals heading into today’s mouth-watering fixture.

Looking at the squad of both sides, United Khawzim Brothers claimed upper hand in terms of experience and quality but Koite Youth Union might also have great confident given they have collective array of youth and experience players who are playing top football for different clubs in Manipur. As such, the game is poised for a fierce battle.

With 7 goals in 3 games, UKB frontman S. Thanggoulen Haokip remained the only realistic candidate to challenge SYMROPIA’s leading goal-scorer Peter Seiminthang Haokip, who has 10 goals in 4 games.

The Squad :


Goalkeepers :
1. L.Jeson Vaiphei(1).
2. Lamlalven.

Defenders :
1. Thomas Khup Vaiphei(4).
2. Thangminlun Vaiphei(12).
3. Lalminlun Vaiphei(5).
4. Jonathan Ginthianlal Simte(3).
5. Lalminthang Khongsai(16).
6. Lallenmang Sitlhou(14).
7. Kamchon Mate(2).

Midfielders :
1. Lalminlian Vaiphei(6).
2. Paulemsiam Vaiphei(10).
3. Saveson Chiru(8).
4. Khaigin Kipgen(20).
5. Kamsanglen Singson(22).

Forwards :
1. Thanggoulen Haokip(17).
2. Paoshei Haokip(9).
3. Johnson Manlun((11).
4. Robinson Khongsai(15).
5. Lamthianlal Vaiphei(7).
6. Thangvanglen Vaiphei(21).
7. Khamsanglian(23).
8. Keneth Chiru.

Officials :
Manager : Kampu.
Asst. Manager : Lamtinlian.
Coach : Shyamyaima Singh.
Medic : Pau Hansing.



Goalkeepers :
1. Lenjapao(1).
2. Kamminlen(23).

Defenders :
1. Mangkholen Kipgen (2-Former FC Zalen).
2. Minlien Gangte (6-Muvanlai Athletics).
3. S. Boilal Haokip (5-FC Zalen).
4. Lamminlen Kipgen(12).
5. Paominlal(18).
6. Thangjangam(3).
7. Jangminlal(14).

Midfielders :
1. Zom Gangte(21).
2. Paominlen Khongsai(8-NISA).
3. Kaikhothang Singson (11-former Zomi FC).
4. Jangkholen Haokip(16-former FC Zalen).
5. Lunjapao Doungel(7).
6. Jangkhongam Kipgen (4).
7. Thangminlen(9).
8. Lalsiemthang Fimate (17-Muvanlai Athletics).
9. Kakal Kipgen(20).

Forwards :
1. Mangpu Thangsing(10-SYMROPIA).
2. Paulunlem(15-Muvanlai Athletics).
3. Letminlun(13).
4. Seijangam(19).

Team officials :

Manager : Jangkhongam Kipgen.
Asst. Manager : Mangthenlal.
Coach : Kamminlen.
Medic : Paogoulen.

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