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Assam scribe approaches PMO demanding credible probe into elephant-deaths

Assam scribe approaches PMO demanding credible probe into elephant-deaths
10th June 2021 | GetinLamka News by NJ Thakuria
Guwahati: Demanding a credible probe into Assam’s Bamunipahar
tragedy, where 18 wild Asiatic elephants were found dead, a Guwahati
based activist journalist approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi for effective
follow up actions. Sending a memorandum to PMO, scribe Biswajit
Nath echoed the apprehension of many environment enthusiasts that the
jumbos did not die because of any natural cause.
Assam  forest department earlier claimed that all the elephants on
Bamuni hillock in Nagaon district of central Assam died because of a
lighting (thunderbolt) on the night of 12 May. But a large number of
qualified engineers, conservation activists, common people denounced
findings of the probe committee formed by the State government and
claimed that it was planned murder.
Biodiversity conservation group Nature’s Beckon expressed serious
doubts over its findings and demanded a high level scientific
investigation involving experts from the field of Geology, Electrical
Engineering, Science of Lightning (Thundering) along with the
representatives from Zoological Survey of India, Wildlife Institute of
India, Police department and civil society groups.
Another important aspect comes to the light that State forest
department issued a no-objection certificate for a huge solar power
project at  Bamunipahar area, which is a recognised elephant habitat.
The area has also witnessed various other human activities which
indicates a probable cause for the killing of 18 elephants.
“Asiatic elephants are recognized as a Schedule one species and duly
safeguarded under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. With more to it,
the elephants in our society are adored as the symbol of Lord Ganesh
(Ganapati or Vinayaka), one of the most worshipped deities in the
Hindu pantheon. Admired son of Devi Parbati, Ganesh Prabhu is revered
as the remover of all obstacles to devotees,” said Nath in the
“So, if at all, the Bamunipahar elephants were killed for someone’s
selfish interests, it would be a gross unfair for all of us to remain
silent. The culprits must be punished under the prescribed laws,”
asserted the nationalist journalist appealing PM Modi to take personal
interests over the matter so that the people can get a sense of
gratification over  justice to the victim elephants.

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