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Construction worker a ding in Final Interview nei


Construction worker a ding in Final Interview nei

30th July 2021 | GetinLamka

NESEED Foundation saina in tuni in Skill Training Centre, Lanva TD Block ah Construction worker recruitment sai uhi. Huai ah trade tuamtuam a ding in candidate 110 om lakah mi 72 final interview ah kihel uhi. Final Interview ah Recruiters in Jesse Wood, Safety Head- BHL(USA), Mohammad Shahim, General Manager, Ms. Aparna Mishra, HR Manager leh Mukesh Manijhi, HR Executive, DSS (Gurgaon) pang in candidate 52 paisuak ua, amaute Police verification zawhnung in join ding uhi. Lianzalal Vaiphei, CEO, NESEED in hiai tawh kisai a genna ah hibang hun haksat lai a, Skilled hi’n Unskilled hitaleh nasepna ding a muh pen uh kipahpih mahmah ahihdan gen a, mi khenkhat in Covid hipi lai a hichibang Interview neihpen lemtang louding in gen mahle uh, innkuan a za a sim tamtak in hun haksa tuak a mahni kitoudelh ding leng haksa sa tak a om uh ahihman in amaute nasepna piakding pen amaute panpihna dia hoihpen ahi chi a, Final Interview pen Covid tawh kisai a zuih dia kigente hoihtak a zuikawm a sai a om ahihdan gen in, candidate lawhchingte peuhmah Covid dalna a kikap sak chiat ding in leng ngen hi.

Recruiter-te lak a khat Mohammad Shahim, General Manager, DSS in a genna ah tuni a lawhchinna ngah candidate teng a vek un New Delhi ah om khawmsak phot hiding ua, Foreign Embassy bawlna a Project tawh kisai in nasem ding uh chi a, Construction project ahihleh kum 7 daihding hi’n gen hi. Un-Skilled labour-te a ding a Basic pay ahihleh Rs. 15,908/- in kipan ding a, overtime allowance leng omding a chih banah, Semi-skilled worker te khalawh Rs. 17,537/- a kipan in overtime allowance leng omding chi hi. Skilled worker khalawh ahihleh Rs 19,291 in kipan ding a, overtime allowance leng omding chi hi. Overtime Allowance om ding ziak in ESI/PF eukhiak nung in Un-skilled worker in kha khat in a tangpi in Rs. 20,000/- lawhzou ding a, skilled worker in Rs. 27,000/- lawhzou ding chi hi. Interview a lawhchingte’n free accommodation, free food leh free transportation chihte a ngahding uhi.

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