Suppose our renewed mind understands what we sense by the intuition. Then the issue is our willingness to obey what we understand. We may understand, but we may also say no. To obey with the will is another problem. Actually, if we do not have an obedient will, it is difficult to understand what is in the intuition. The Lord is very wise; He never does anything wastefully. If He knows that we have no willingness to obey, there is no need for us to receive the understanding. He will just leave us in darkness. Why should He allow us to understand if we will not obey? The understanding must be backed by an obedient will, ready to obey the Lord (John 7:17). When we are ready to obey, we will be able to understand.

For example, some have come to me with questions but without a heart to listen and understand. I realized that it would just be a waste of time to talk with them. Sometimes I asked, “Do you really mean business? If I answer your question, would you obey?” Their answer would usually be, “Well, maybe, but I may not like to do it. I just want to study and find out what is what.” The will must be wholly submissive, and not only submissive but in harmony with the will of God (Luke 22:42; James 4:7; Phil. 2:13).

God created us with a free will. He never forces us to do anything but always gives us the option to choose. Although He is great and wise, yet He will never force us. If He were to use force, it would mean that He is really small. Satan not only forces people but even seduces them. But God would never do that. God says, in effect, “If you like it, do it; if you don’t, don’t. If you love Me, just do it. If you don’t love Me, forget it. Go your own way.” Thus, there is the need to exercise our will; otherwise, it is difficult for God to do anything. In order to exercise our will, we must make our will submissive and ready to obey all the time. We should not only submit ourselves to the will of God but also bring our will into harmony with His.

When our will is dealt with to such an extent, it will be transformed. It will be saturated with Christ as our life by the spreading of the Holy Spirit. Others will sense the savor and the very image of Christ in our will. Every decision that we make will be an expression of Christ. This is not a supposition nor just a doctrine. Sometimes when we meet some dear ones in the Lord, we sense the savor of Christ in whatever they say, whatever they choose, and whatever they decide. This simply proves that they have been saturated with Christ by being transformed in their will and in their mind.
(Excerpt from The Economy of God, ch. 9)

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