DI Gari le Activa in Accident tuak um,accident na mi khat in hinna chan


Tunitak 9pm vel in Gouchinkhup Veng lutna bul ah accident om. DI truck khat in activa khat phukha a, a kiang a om ten khawl dia a sawl uleh kikou khum a taisan/taisuak uh chidan ahi. Hiai accident na ah mikhat in sihna tuak a, naupang khat Phai ah emergency refer in om. Accident tuakte a kithei tan a.👇🏻👇🏻

1) Lydia – 15y/Female d/o Ginchinthang (deceased)
2) Moiliankim – 6y/Female d/o Lalsianmung (Imphal ah emergency refer)
3) Chianglamching – 18y/Female W/o Singneu.

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