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Jerusalem Clinic & Diagnostic Centre,IB Road,Lamka,Churachandpur,Manipur.
Registration No.MNHCR/NO/150/DC/2016,ADCC:11/DC/14/14-12

1. Medicine Specialist :
2. Surgeon :
3. Orthopedic Surgeon:
4. Child Specialist :
5. Investigation te Ultrasound ,Digital X Ray with report leh Dental X Ray te nisin ah bawl thei zing ahi.

Zia ah kietsak nuam ten a nuai a Counter Contact Number ah hin call thei zing ding ahi.
Contact No: 03874235924 / 03874796024.

Chun tu kum sung ading a Offer ki bawl te 31st December 2020 le bei vek ding ahi tai. Private Diagnostic leh Hospital atam zawten van man akhan sak zing uh taw ki tawn in mipi khual na in tu kum 2020 khan Jerusalemclinic in khansak lo in,Mipi damlo te khual nan Investigation man 10% Discount ala ki peto pekah, tuni chan hin Mipi lak ah kihawm hi 1.5lakhs bang ala ki hawm dawk tai. Kum kit le tu sang ah hoi zaw mipi ading ah na isep thei na ding un mipite kua masap kipanpi tua chiat ding in le iki chial sawn sawn uh ahi.

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