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GiveIndia CRF 2.0 hawmkhiakna om


GiveIndia CRF 2.0 hawmkhiakna om

12th August 2021 | GetinLamka

Tuni in Centre for Community Initiative (CCI) conference room ah GiveIndia Covid Response Fund 2.0 (ICRF 2.0) kichi covid ziak a innkuan nekzongtu sihna tuak mi 6te panpihna Rs 30,000/- hawmkhiakna om hi.

Covid 19 Second wave a sihna tuakte panpihna ding a ICRF 2.0 apply tu ni chiang in mi 23 bang phata a, tuate lak ah mi 9 in panpihna sum Rs 30,000/- zel ngah uhi. Hiai project nuai ah CCI in a guan theih ding zah mi 60 tan hi a, September kha kimtan a hiai project khak hi ding hi. Tua ahihman in lunglutna neite’n a kintheilam a sai hoih ahihdan thutut kingah hi.

Tuni a ICRF 2.0 a panpihna ngahte ahih uhleh

1. Mankhanching Guite w/o (L)T. Singkhanthang
2. Chiinkhoning m/o (L) Chingbiaklian
3. Chingngaihlian d/o (L) G. Kapkhanpiang
4. Nuambiahhoi d/o (L) Chiinkhannuam
5. Zamkhannem d/o (L) Manzaniang
6. Vahjahoi Kuki w/o (L) Hegin Kuki

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