Healthcare: Using smart phone for 5 hours every day could lead to obesity and heart disease

Healthcare: Using smart phone for 5 hours every day could lead to obesity and heart disease


Chennai | 27 July 2019 | Get In Lamka

These days we could come across many having smart phones. These persons use their smart phones for many purposes like calling, texting, knowing information, seeing videos etc.
The shocking information is using smart phones every day for 5 hours might lead to obesity plus heart diseases in us. It must be noted that researchers of Columbia conducted studies on 1060 students (700 Girls and 360 Boys). The average age of these girls and boys were 19 and 20 respectively. It has been mentioned by the lead author Mirary Morron of Simon Bolivar University of Columbia that mobile phones have improved portability, comfort, access to countless services, information and entertainment sources. He added that mobile technology should also be used to improve the habits as well as healthy behaviours.
Information is the risk of getting obesity increases to 43 % when the smart phone was used for 5 or more hours of time every day. It is said that the participating students were twice as likely to consume more sugary drinks, fast foods, sweets, snacks plus they have decreased physical activities. This could make them more obese. The researchers have confirmed that 26 percent of students who were overweight and 4.6 percent who were obese spent more than 5 hours using their smart phones.
It has been mentioned by the study that spending more time on the smart phones facilitates sedentary behaviours, lowers the time for physical activity, increases diabetes, heart disease, cancer and death. Dr. Rajesh Kapoor of surgical gastroenterology department, Jaypee Hospital in Noida explained bout how using smart phone was not a choice but a necessity.
Input via Chennai LIVE | lrb.munda

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