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πŸ“ Mawi Tombing

Zingkal khat innzut kawma ka ngaihtuahna ah hiai la hong suaka Heutpa T.Pumkhothang la phuah Hong leng in Toupa aw chih ngai a inn hah kawma ka omlaiin ka mittui hong pawt mawka tulai i dinmun uh leh i gam uh siatdan khong toh kituak ka sa lua hi. I omdan i khohei-gamtat dante khong uh puaknathuai hun tam mahmah hi. Toupa’ mel hihmang a i mitte uh hih mial a om a, a miten mangngilh a, a nasem tute mang hiai hiai uh. I lungtang te uh hihmial a om a Pathian apat vak i neihte mial khin zou ta hi. Toupa aw na kha in hong hih hat thak in na laukha Siangthou lou in kou hatna in zoh di onlmkei, Toupa aw ka khelhnate uh hon ngaidam in na lungtang suna tu ka hi chiin Toupa mai ah thupha tawi hun lota hi.

Toupa aw na mai a kuntak lou himah le ung ka lak uah nang leh nang hong kipahtwwi thak lai din ka hon ngen hi.Toupa aw na mite na siamsate nang hon bawltu pa hon mangngilh in koumau utna lam chiat ah pial mang zouta ung hon ngaidam in. Na nasem tute mang hiai hiai ung, na min te gensia in mualphou tak in kon koih kha sek uh. Nuaizin mangin hon zou in hon khimmang ta bup-hai in ka om ua ka mitte uh hihmial in om zouta. Na nasemtu kichite le aminpu kilawm na lel, na min leh na thute kicheina a zang lel ka hi ta uh. Toupa aw nidang hundang a na hon veh bang in na Khasiangthou in hon veh thak lai ve aw Toupa ka hon ngai uh e..!!

Laukha Sianthou nunnem nang hon ngaiin kon sam uhi. Nanglou in hatzou kei ung, hon hatsak thak in na mite nguizou ta ung, ka gam uh keuna leh lungkham na in hon tuam khin ta nang adin ka zaitha uh nemkhin ta, Toupa aw hon ngaidam inla, ka pukna mun ua kipan in hon khanglou sak in, sawt ka ihmu lota uh ihmu paisuak din zaw hon phal ken aw. Toupa hon phong khia in nanglou in ka halh khe zou nonkei uh na mite zaitha hon hih hat thak in, lungkham huibang maute hong nem inla, na Khasiangthou in hong veh thak non in Toupa ka hon ngailua uh……!!!

Toupa aw ka khut ka khete uh sisan suah dingin leh khelhna nasem dingin kalsuan ta, ka suanlai di te uh nang man dai hon kaihkhumsak inla, ana khial zouta te hon damsak thakin na hih damna ka poimoh uh e. Ka tun leh zua chin leh tuaite leh ka insung uh mang zouta ka tate uh khalam a gilkialte an pe di omkei ung, dangtak in sawlsam in omzou ta ung, a mangthang mite kiang ka hinna uh phal di leh na thute gen a pikik non din na laukha siangthou ka poimoh lua uh. Na van meikuang hon sawl khe thak non in, tanglai a naeep bang in hong semthak non in, michih lungtang na kha in hon hih halhthak non in ka zaitha uh pat-bang a nem hon hih khauhthak non in, ka lamhaih na ua pat in lamdik hon kok muh thak in. Na kha in hong hih hatthak in Toupa aw ka hon ngen ahi.

Unau sa a omlai i hihman in lamkhang sikkhial in lam i va pial khak lele thou khia in Toupa lam naih thak ni, i pukna mun a I om det leh zaw mi hehpihhuai pen i hi kha ding. I kha mangthang mai di it huai lua ahi. I ihmut na a pan thou thak ni Toupa khasiangthou in ki hih-nom in ki hihhat thak ni. Toupa’n a nasep maban sunzom ding a hon sawlte ihi ua, na semlou a I omleh – i insung, i khotang leh i saptuam sung hong mang ding hi. Tuipi vung bangin khol mai kei ni, Pathian kha i tan te mite adin luang khesak in i hih theih na zahzah in Toupa kha itan te ginglou mite lak ah, i unau ana pukte leh ana mangthangte lak ah Toupan thil hihtheihna kha honpiakte mut khia in mutkuang ni. I seplouh ziakin tampi mangthang gawp ta hi, amaute pi khe din Toupa kha masuan in kipanthak ni. Toupa hon panpih dia man sa ahi mangthang mite hinna pammaihlua hi. Kuankhia in sem ni Toupa hatna thilhihtheihna masuan in galdou din ki sa ni. Unau, tuabang hih di leh sem dia Toupa hon bawlte i hi ua, I mohpuakna chiat sem din ki sa thak ni.

Simtute I poimohna munchiat a kha mangthang man din Toupan hon vualzawl chiat hen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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