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I TOO HAVE A DREAM: By: Lunminthang Haokip Retd.IAS



By: Lunminthang Haokip Retd.IAS

1. Martin Luther King said then, “I have a dream.”
The keen leader’s talk fuelled American dream;
Viewing nature’s beauty that decks Khuga stream,
Taking a glimpse of mid-lake islands that beam;
Like Luther, I weave dreams for the land’s future
To later churn cream and rid ‘wants’ we nurture.

With no resource, Korea did well in fast growth,
With fit resource, Khuga dwells poor in past clout;
Fishing in canoes, and earning in hundreds,
Thinking shallow, woe ails lives of our kindred;
If God blessed learning so much in CCPur,
Why can’t we be thriving as in Singapore?

2. Tourists of the world crowd scenic water-fronts,
Hills dipped in water we have, but no good front!
Techies add shapes to towns and men give a boost,
Thinkers of vision we should crown to give a push;
Now to create big infra, we may not have the means,
But all big booms began with mean ideas not seen.

3. Good times gained shape in Korea with great leader,
Shrewd moves Lee Kuan made, built top city thither;
Same persons of woman-born could achieve thus far
When their nations were torn by misrule and war;
That people from far may come to Khuga bar bar,
We need to overcome ourselves and raise the bar.

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