Impact of Social Media on Youth

Impact of Social Media on Youth


Impact of Social Media on Youth

Human beings thrived various attributes with experimental trials to better their lot. They consistently developed new and innovative ways and means to harmonise the balance between demand and supply. There arose the dynamic and widespread changes in societal functioning to evolve into a compassionate society where every participant enjoys a life as worthy living. Industrial revolution and economic ascendency is nothing but manifestation of such creativity. Present world order runs beyond imagination and thrives on wholesome different world—the world of INTERNET. It’s relatively a new phenomena that succeeded in capturing the space in quick possible manner. Initially the Internet remained busy in simplifying government matters and remained strictly in their control,until taken into private hands. Since then it widened its horizons to a range of matters dealing with security like defence,intelligence, Communication..etc. Such is the significance of Internet in today’s world that “Computer” has become a daily meal of young generation. To one side the orientation changed its course for Social media platforms with entries of Facebook , Twitter, Watsapp, linkdin , telegram etc where the individuals have created a new world in itself.
Social media has developed through aid of Internet with one platform for different individuals barring their origin of country or society to meet regularly in a single push of a button. It provides the space for personal account creation and subsequent interaction with friends ( social media members) from every nook and corner of world. That’s to say whosoever possesses Internet connection to Tablet or cell phone can eagerly participate in technologically created massive world. This world is totally a different place where passports and VISA’s have no meaning to meet with people of different country. It’s no strange that such a platform has consistently gained much avid among young generation. They take it as mode for blowing away the cobwebs. In fact the platform has educative value ,thanks to page creation like research, civil service ,UNESCO, Newspapers ,News channels etc who update the latest information to keep the atmosphere warm and enjoying. There’s no quibble in the success of social media in empowering the youth to engage on different levels like enjoying classes while at home, participation in group discussion, employment news , group formation for essential purposes to mention a few. The story isn’t in sync with this trend when analysed from critical criteria. It has its own impacts on fertile and young minds of our future.
To start with universal dictum on this front “Excess of everything is bad “. Love of the social media is suitable and worthy if it’s of utility to man , but not its narcissism which inhibits personal development according to morals. This orientation spreads to many dimensions. Social media provides space for account creation but space for manipulation also lies there. Yesterday I read news from Indian express like “social media man duped women with 4 lakh “! What will be the answer of this dimension from our youth? While the question of money is of miniscule importance what worries is the loss of consience and consciousness from our society. Who can prove that account under females or males name is really so? It’s this scope of social media which led our society to moral degradation. There’s no balance and check on the abusive language which has ventured deep into the consciousness of young minds and proving the FRANKENESTIEN SYNDROME right. Herein lies the space for what is termed as secret chat and inbox me. Although such a notion can’t be generalised but the fruits of such action is there for society to visualise. For worse this part plays its game making doubles in comfortable manner with any fielder on the ground to stop.
With other abuse,social media has helped the ideologies to flourish in a vibrant manner. The narcissism of platform was widely manipulated by skillful agencies to recruit young minds to accomplish their goals. Radicalism and non state actors rise was emphatically provided as an alternative by this platform. This notion rubbished the young minds with infusion or insemination of new ideologies,because of its rapid access and widespread coverage. Here the anti state tendencies amplify their numbers and penetrates to elite ranks sometimes. Separatist tendencies have maintained mushroom growth with help like kashmir,North East at home to IRAQ, SYRIA, AFGANISTAN etc. Drug traffickers and human trafficking at times seeks help of such platform to get the security agencies caught unawares about their planning and strategy. The reports of West Bengal and Mexico in this case can be cited as example. Rise of radicalism is attributed to social media and is held as culprit for their flourishing albeit operation all out or so in kashmir. Poster boy and Musa audio are buzz words in our locality. Internet gag is the order of day in kashmir.
To its bag of disadvantages the culprit provides scope for rumours and propaganda as delicacy. Herein lies the sensitive law and order problem which endangers lives of people and breaks peace and harmony in society , thanks to murmuring on Facebook which amplifies the stage for discussion of topics on press of button. Exam results are getting more attention on social media than their preparation period while having to do so. It improvises the custom and habit of lies and dishonesty in the society. Although it keeps up to date about recent happenings like exam dates, preparation material , strategies etc but the rumours postponing without being so , exam cutoffs, Irregular posts of guess papers, result date rumours degrade the spirit and commitment of youth to a wider extent. There are so many complaints in this luggage of serious analysis but the conclusion seems contrary to expectations of youth ,their future and the future of society.
To conclude with a cautioning note of famous quotation “Reward of a person’s work isn’t what he gets from it but ,what he becomes by it “. Social media does provide the way for our entry in a new and innovative world with full of narcissism and joyous living but to its worst end it participates in eroding our very base of future. There’s a general belief in contemporary world of degradation in morals and ethics which should govern the societal relations. Social media when going through fair and impartial trail is held guilty of serious and sensitive crime of murdering the conscious of youth ,our bedrock of future society. The remedy lies not in the social media but the way it operates and the way of its use. If 21st century man isn’t worthy of distinguishing right and wrong that day for Humanity seems bleak and sturdy then. In fact there’s a need to utilise the platform in a more positive and balanced manner to improve our worth and credentials.Although I am sceptical about the change but hopeful to get some bolt from blue .

Shahid Majeed Mir
Misribehak Machil Kupwara
email [email protected]

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