Kolkata: Woman gives birth en route to Martyr’s Day rally venue
The mother with her baby in the hospital. Photo/ANI

Kolkata: Woman gives birth en route to Martyr’s Day rally venue


Kolkata | 21 July 2019 | Get In Lamka

A pregnant woman gave birth to a girl child on Sunday while she was on the way to attend the July 21 Martyr’s Day rally organised by the All India Trinamool Congress here.
A bus of TMC supporters was proceeding towards Kolkata from Bardhaman to attend the event. In the bus, a passenger, identified as Megha Sarker from Bardhaman district, developed labour pain.
With the help of other passengers on board, Megha gave birth to a girl child inside the bus, after which the mother and daughter were taken to Baranagar State General Hospital.
At the hospital, the baby was found to be underweight, and the doctors recommended the infant to be taken to R G Kar Medical College for better treatment, said the Minister in charge for Baranagar constituency, Tapash Roy.
July 21 is marked as Martyr’s Day to commemorate the 1993 Kolkata firing.
This year’s rally gains significance as it would be the first mega show by the TMC after its drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections.

Source: ANI

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