LHAGAO MI PATHEN HE  ✍ By [email protected] Bayte


LHAGAO MI PATHEN HE  ✍ By [ [email protected] Bayte]

🍇 Lhagao mi chu lunghang vah ponte

🍇 Pathen hechun taona le bible lhakang ponte

🍇 Lhagao mi chu onem min tin kipah jing inte

🍇 Pathen he mi chun houin ah phone online pontin net jong kichim nompon te

🍇 Lhagao michu pathen lunglhei nale kipa nan hinkho mangjing inte

🍇 Pathen he mi chu houin kai thasi ponte

🍇 Pathen he miho chun houin pung gin ngaijing inte

🍇 Lhagao michu lhagao lam ah hat intin kichat jong neiponte

🍇 Pathen he mi chun Satan a kicha poi

🍇 Lhagao michu mijouse toh kivop theiyin te

🍇 Pathen he mi chu a ma charjing nge

🍇 Lhagao michun neile gou a deipoi

🍇 Pathen he michu pathen toh kimu tun tin kihoulim jing inte

🍇 Lhagao michu pathen deilam ah a chonjing nge

🍇 Pathen he michu pathen thu kisei ngainom minte

🍇 Lhagao michun vahchoi la sah nomjing inte

🍇 Pathen miho a taochim pon pathen mel jong a mu nom e

Pathen he le lhagao michu pathen toh aumkhom jing nge


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