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Manipur Hill District Election Hun Ding


19th Jan 2021 | Get In Lamka

Dr. Kh. Jelen,M.D.(AIIMS),D.M.(AIIMS),Chief Cardiology, 15 yrs experienced in Interventional Cardiology, Consultant, Apollo Hospital and Imphal Heart Institute

State Election Commission of Manipur in date 13th jan 21 ni thusua abawl ki mu dung zui ah chun, Manipur Hills Districts te ah MDC Election hun ding thupuk ah um in, ani leh ahun ding chu March 2021 tha sung ngei hi ta ding ti ahia, chun election hi April tha sung ngei ah chai ding hi le ti chu lem ahi thei diam tin State election Commission Manipur chun Chief Secretary kiang in dawt na leh hiatsak na lekha ala ki thawt tua ui.

ADC Election Ordered

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