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Tuibuong Sub-Division sung a um M. Songgel khua Model Village hawndawna tuni, June 22, 2019 zingkal lam dak 10:30 in um ding ahi. Zia hun ah MC Mary Kom, MP (RS) in Chief Guest hina tawh M.Songgel Model Village hawng ding ahi. Zia hun matna Gracy Haokip leh Robert Khongsai te’n mapui ding ahiu a, Rev. LB Angam, Executive Director, ECA in hun patna pauchapna nei ding, James Doujapau, SDO/Tuibuong in vaidawn thugenna nei ding, M. Songgel Village Authority apat presentation latna nei ding a hiu.

Kh. Ibochouba, State Nodal Officer, Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) in keynote address gen ding, M. Songgel Church Choir apat in lasakna um ding ahi. Zia hun ah Shyam Lal Poonia, IAS,DC/CCpur/Nodal Officer (SAGY) CCpur leh Onler Kom, Managing Director, MC Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation te’n thugenna nei ding a hiu. Zia banah Chief Guest apang MC Mary Kom, MP (RS) in M.Songgel Model Village hawndawna nei ding ahi.

M.Songgel, Molnom Songgel village was established in 1958 after the present area has been carved out from (Late) Pu.Thanghem Lhungdim MC [Military Cross awardee], chief of Molnom village. M.Songgel came into existence since the first settlers (Late)Pu Hemjatong Lhungdim and Pu Otthong Lhungdim first stepped into this once tiny village in the year 1958. Pi Ngaijalhing Missionary in Andaman & Nicobbar,now, Mrs.Rev. Akhai Haokip, Pu LB Angam and Pu J.Lhungdim, Controller Defence Accounts (CDA), North Eastern Region of India are the names of those first Sunday School students of the village, under the then sunday school teachers – Pu Holjang Lhungdim, Pu Limsho Lhungdim and (Late)Pu Shopao Lhungdim. It is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in the year 2008 – 2009.



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