Minister makai’n District pani Kigawm a Meeting um.

Minister makai’n District pani Kigawm a Meeting um.


17th Dec 2020 | Get In Lamka

Tuni chun Pu.Vungzagin MLA,Minister (Tribal Affairs & Hills, Transport, GAD.) mapui na in Churachandpur District leh Pherzawl District ki gawm in  DTC Hall,Tuibuong a Meeting pawi ma tak aum hi. Zia na chun District gel ah issue chuam chuam genkhawm in,chuleh Law and order tu Festival hun sung ah din mun ding genkhawm in, Covid 19 chung chang hitale, Mata Khugadam tui thian dan ding thu,medical leh staff dinmun,Police ah Traffic dinmun, eletrict chung chang leh District gel ah tu sang ah bang ti khan tosem ding tite gen khawm ahi.

Zia meeting na hin Civil sociey lam ah ,DCs,SOs,DFO,CO,CMOs leh adang te le pang ahiu hi.

Chaired a District Co-ordination Meeting of Churachandpur and Pherzawl district today at DTC Hall, Tuibuong.
The meeting, mainly discussed about working more closely together in combating different issues in the interest of the public, close monitoring of law and order situation during this festive season, Covid-19 status, medical & traffic related issue, improvement of clean water from Mata Dam, shortage of electricity and other important issues within the two districts.
The meeting was attended by MLAs, CSOs, DCs, SPs, CO, DFO CMOs and top officials from all departments.
Let’s Unite, cooperate and work together for the people.

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