MORAL STORY:  By~M. Solomon @Mung Zou |The Trooper and his Horse
M Solomon Zou @Mung

MORAL STORY: By~M. Solomon @Mung Zou |The Trooper and his Horse



By~M. Solomon @Mung Zou

The Trooper and his Horse

Once, a Trooper lived in a country. He worked in the King’s army and was very famous for his bravery all over the kingdom.
The Trooper had a beautiful Horse, which was one of the best in the country. The Trooper loved his Horse le a lot.

One day, when all the soldiers were dressing their horses, the Trooper noticed that a nail on one of the Horse’s shoe had fallen off.
Since, the Trooper was tired, he decided to repair the shoe nail later. His fellow soldiers advised him to end the shoe-nail soon, or it could become dangerous. The Trooper did not listen to them.

After some time, the soldiers heard the sound of the trumpet.
The enemy had attacked the King’s palace, and all the soldiers went to fight. The Trooper also sat on his Horse and went to fight the enemy. On the way, the Horse’s loose shoe fell off. He stumbled and the Trooper fell on the ground. He was badly hurt and could not get up. An enemy soldier killed him with a sword, immediately.

Moral of the story –
A stitch in time saves nine.

Brought to you by:
M.Solomon @Mung Zou
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