Morality of Women in Kashmir | The level of resentment reaches to its peak when incidences of kunan poshpora and shopian starts coming to our mind.

Morality of Women in Kashmir | The level of resentment reaches to its peak when incidences of kunan poshpora and shopian starts coming to our mind.


Morality of Women in Kashmir

The level of resentment reaches to its peak when incidences of kunan poshpora and shopian starts coming to our mind.

It’s a story of few weeks ago, when the banner banner of anguish against harassment of Bollywood actress of kashmir in flight came to fore. The lead voice was tweet of our CM with shrieks to brought culprits to book for punishment. This tweet was expected in lines of cry for women empowerment especially when the CM is aligned on the same gender lines. Most of the members in society welcomed the message and raised their banner in tune with expectations of 21st century guided by gender development and gender justice. After a few days, a puzzled tweet making rounds on social media broke the protocol of legal establishment to note” if you are Zaira Wasim your morality is intact not if You are lady belonging to Kunan poshpora or Asia and Nilofer”, said Engineer Rashid MlA, in a bit modified language. The two messages seems in clear contrast to one another albeit they represent the people in government corridors with one supporting the cause of government while other trying to prepare ground for the same. These messages speak volumes about perception and real environment of kashmir. They represent two fault lines which when tried to solve often stroke one another and stretched the debate to unending story of real and ideal. The tweets on one side and the ground reality on other, the question is about our track record to gauge our performance to ensure safety for womenfolk in kashmir. Does it exist on ground.

To slightly elaborate our treaded period, the history need to be reverted back. Kashmir always remained ensued in crisis with claims from superpowers in line to claim the geographical extent in their kit. Its impact on masses was massive ranging from intermittent bloody periods to at least pellet in every one’s body. This is the story of kashmir on ground whose adverse consequences heavily impacted the vulnerable section of women and children. Whenever the banner of protest stretched from moderate to extreme pace, women beared the brunt in excessive quantity than their counterparts in menfolk. The struggling phase of anti Indian protests or so and so siphoned away their earning hand in a hide and seek manner , thus cornering their nourishment level to minimum low. This pain on one hand made them vulnerable to unhealthy environment, the mental depression created much bigger headache in society. The report of survey for mental depression in 2016 maintains ” kashmir remains as one of most mentally disturbed region in India “. Unknown cemeteries are no more hidden in our sense of mentality. This level of resentment reaches to its peak when incidences of kunan poshpora and shopian starts coming to our mind. These incidences when analysed by young generation after sending shires down spine refreshes the mind to find the meeting point of said fault lines. It was 2010 in my life story ,when I opened the YouTube to surf the kunan poshpora story,there I found the video clip of some foreign news channel tracing the incidence of than gloomy night. The video shows range of abuse against women from 12 to 98 with men revealing the torture in brutal manner. Is 21st century kashmir different from 1947 for women? Shopian episode lies afresh in our memories today, not to talk of public harassment in day today activities against our mothers and sisters in work places, station etc.
After thorough understanding of these events the resolution for opposite poles represented by government and opposition seems easy but the complexity of environment in kashmir and its attachment to prevailing armed conflict leaves no space for quid pro quo to this notion. The herculean task lies not in tracing the events and their subsequent trial but the manner we claim the gender tilted socio economic progress. On this front CM loses no sec to provide Beti Bachao Beti Padao in central sector to ladli Beti scheme in state sector as manifestation of such path.this debate is contrary to belief that ” Change begins from society itself “. Albeit our progress on intellectual front is way ahead than IVC but our mentality towards our companions reads the fault lines of abuse of crime against women. The government of the day needs to rethink their strategy towards gender empowerment in kashmir. There’s a list of initiatives which c can improvise the status in this orientation. As is widely believed, the law and order in kashmir always remains in doldrums. The alienation should go with healing touch policy in letter and spirit. Once security environment improves to peace and stability the other initiatives would prove effective. Clear and strict discipline guidelines for security forces,who often vandalise the habitual places without any bases. Removal of security establishment from sensitive areas like schools, hospitals , resting places and so on. The opening of gender inclusive police establishment to deal with women like other areas in India. Then and that long term strategies like social reforms and education are going to come to our rescue. Once our youth is barred from education due to shutdowns in most part of year,the expectations of their improvement in morale principles is sending coals to new castle.
Once the adoption of unbiased approach doesn’t finds place in policy creation,the implementation stage dooms its fate in infancy. The achievement of our daughters in global platforms is a welcome step and brings waters to deserts but the unfinished trial in abuses against same blood is shining as black dots on our history. The womenfolk have adorned themselves with attributes when provided with opportunities across different sectors. Herein lies the space for their empowerment but the security dilemma in kashmir doesn’t suits our claim to be gender favoured society. Rape and empowerment are antagonists poles which could never be solved by any social scientist on planet. But the question of security preceded by empowerment is mockery of consciousness of 21st century. Morality of women in our backyard though improving slowly and steadily is in wolf’s eyesight,if not checked could culminate in repeated periods of shopian like episodes.As is held by intellectual tradition that “same rules which apply to Rome may serve no purpose in Greece”. Environment in kashmir is different from other regions where priority lies not in empowerment but security of the morale and dignity for our motherhood. Any policy initiative against this inspection serves none other than vote bank politics of politicians. Both poles in introductory note serves their lines of preference which need to be resolved in compassionate society where morality of women is kept intact. We hope to develop our prospects in this direction . Our sole reliance on government needs rethink to evolve the gender favoured society on nip and tuck lines of Islamic model which recognises motherhood of woman as highest jewel in morality.

Shahid Majeed Mir is an Author of the book “Untold Stories of Kashmir” and regular columnist at many newspapers and magazines can be reached at [email protected]

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