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Old Gelmuol Vangkhuo Kumbul Maicham kin gon


4th Jan 2021 | Get In Lamka

Tuni jinglam nidan 7;30 chun the 3rd Old Gelmuol Vangkhuo Kumbul Maicham kin gon Old Gelmuol Lentuol ah ana mang un ahi.

Hiche kin gon hin, Khosung a Gari umjouse in Gangte Community Complex mun akon in Khosung Lentuol changei lam jotna anei uve. Hiche jou chun Lentuol mun ah Maicham semna phatbih amang pai un ahi. Hiche kin a hin, khosung mipi, Haosa leh hiu lamkai luboh ho jouse apang soh kei un ahi. Kin gon lamkai in, Pa. Paoneh, VA Secretary apang in, Phat kot honna taona chu Pa. K. Ngamthang VA member in anei in, chujou in lemna thuseina chu Pa. L. Ngamthang VA member in anei e.

Chuban in vahchoi la sahna Gl. Letjapao leh Thangginlal in anei uve. Chuban in vangthumpehna le Maicham lhatdohna taona kin thempu Upa. Helsei, Chairman ECA Old Gelmuol in anei e. Chuban in Pi. Tinnu, Haosapi in houlim a chomkim abol in, Bible Chang simdohna anei e. 

Chuban in kipathuseina phat chu Pu. Tongkhohao, Chief/Chairman VA in anei in, aman a houlimna a achun, hitobang phat hoitah lolhinna dinga Pathen vangbohna a han na chung a kipathu aphong in, Khosunga hou lamkai, khonu khopa leh VA member le lamkai ho kilungto na jeh a lolhing thei ahi jeh in khosung mipi ho jouse chung a jong a kipana thu aphong in, maban a jong hiche kin hi aban jom peh thei dinga mi jouse in pan la cheh ding in temna anei e. Hiche kin kibol na chunga khosung khantouna jouse hi Pathen mapui na jal ahi thu jong aphong doh in ahi.

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