Political Leaders Never Fulfill Their Promise

Political Leaders Never Fulfill Their Promise


*Political Leaders Never Fulfill Their Promise*

*There’s need to heavily transform our track for success to reap the benefits of democracy much more than that of Slogans*

Election time promises rarely materialise in power corridors of government. The contemporary orientation of decision making correlates to democratic style of Functioning. It is here in this way of ruling that the commonality makes the core of decisive action oriented strategy. Entire political framework is established on the basis of “universal adult franchise”. Here comes the role of ELECTIONS in deciding the rule making authority of nation. Indian Political system flourished under the democratic setup with initiation of Right to vote for common people , thus paved way to regular election held programmes at near regular intervals in which politicians deeply invest their time and energy for possible political authority in future through entire structure of political parties. Election manifesto are no more strange to common citizens of country with tradition of “rain of freebies” I would call them at compaigns.Every political party in prospect of attaining poltical authority brings out a manifesto of policies and programme of action to be taken in view of recommendations for such authority. Here lies the legal system of country where there’s no bar for such tactic , infact it brings out the progressive looking measures to fore for public eye to analyse and subsequently choose between right and wrong for future. As a tactic Political parties involve a band of experts to come with motivated programme of action for common people. It is therefore legally and of course ethically a viable approach to keep unsuitable ones at arms length on whose decision making depends growth of country in entirety. Be it political, economic and social development writ large. This season manifests itself in pile of documents at front with inclusion of whole range of freebies and other progressive measures to get caught the attention of common citizens on prospect of winning their votes. What comes to surprise here is the reality behind such move in case of our own political environment. What is being promised at time of elections barring the fact that a clear Roving Bandit programme is included leaving long term strategy of country or state in lurch as a spot of opportunism rarely matures in power corridors.
Eection time promises rarely materialise in power corridors of goverment.Most desperate thing at the core remains the inadequacy of promises itself and their subsequent sidelining at times of decision making. The ist aspect correlates to legitimacy of demand supply gap in what is being promised to what can be offered. “On arrival of NDA RULE government will bring back black money in odd 100 days ” said Mr . MODI, today’s PM at one such compaigns. On 4th year of power anyone can raise and of course the question is being raised today where is the black money ? Where are the ” ache din ” demonitisation or unemployment which has left the citizens in denial. The goverment promising at the time of elctions has never been fullfilled. The case is not contrary to state polity as well , there evolved with time a nip and tuck political environment of opportunism as I call ” politics as business and politician as entrepreneur” just to invest money with unending dividends in future neither prone to stock market vulnerabilities nor under regulatory provisions like SEBI thanks to constitutional safeguards. On attaining the political office the business venture starts to spread it’s entrepreneurial activities like concessions for corporates, political agents , media houses etc which helped the entrepreneur during compaign and manifesto strategy or investment.
The state polity of Jammu and kashmir Involves unique style of trajectory with oft repeated commitments for law and order over and above the menace of corruption, the problem of unemployment, the socio economic development among others. Most often we witness the election time promises with above mentioned problems as their crux right from inception of Jammu , kashmir and ladakh as state of india with our own constitution based on democratic polity. The political environment remains full of vigor and vitality on part of political parties to attract the voters. But what happens with those promises is crystal clear, face of state itself speaks the language with oft repeated cases of corruption from govt offices to recruitment agencies. It seems easy to enter through corruption scheme than to work for recruitment test itself , the order of day in kashmir. I have gone through most of cases where jobs got increasing purchasing power with time , be it class fourth of any dept or of the gazetted level post . Who is unaware about working of SSB and JKPSC? Blue blood students sail smoothly to occupy the very limited seats the agencies offers through hide and seek game. For unemployment the case is no different the notifications are enough with new recruitment policies bended to make it he’ll for promising aspirants , lecturer in higher education is made to accept meagre salary nip and tuck to that of class fourth. Certainly such was not the promise of ruling PDP at election time. The government could not stuck to its promise of corruption free governance and all round development of all the three regions, ground speaks off its reality. Has it promised tragedies of 2016 uprising and most recent Hair chopping as security for people? The govt of the day often falls short of expectations most often either through inward compulsions or through outward pressures.
Elections led to change in government and policies. However seldom they lead to change in raison d’etat , which may allow any change over its own. The history remains witness to fact that every time we evolved with new practice and experiment the result came contrary to our expectations. Each of the committee framed till date recommend thorough changes in election system of polity for long drawn dream of socio economic empowerment of common people. Why not face to face debates like America or Germany? The recent idea by Gopal Krishan Gandhi is progressive while inviting Venkiah Naidu for such debate. It seems the overall environment of country is ripe for wholesome political transformation in dimension of election procedure to evolve as democracy of masses rather than democracy of politics.To conclude is to remind the saying ” son’s hindsight is father’s foresight” to corner the strategy of debate on electoral reforms for implementation phase at its earliest to say ” to save the country from menace of politicisation of common people”. The promises should be passed on through table of demand supply analysis to critically acclaim the spot of manifesto to curb the evil practice of propoganda and paid news programmes. Surely the election procedure should go through stage of reform phase in aspect of strong link between aspirations of people and nation with that of poltical parties,thanks to ethical standards of religions which motivates one to be guardian of property than to be contractor for self interests. There’s need to heavily transform our track for success to reap the benefits of democracy much more than that of slogans. I would say democracy for empowerment than democracy for demogagues. I am hopefull to see the fate of present system to be replaced with system for contemporary period to evolve as largest democracy in letter and spirit.

*Writer Shahid Majeed Mir hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at [email protected]*

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