Proposal for the opening of Manipur University center at Churachandpur College.
N Lhungdim, Thangting House, Molnom West

Proposal for the opening of Manipur University center at Churachandpur College.


From :

N Lhungdim,
Ex Indian Revenue Sevice, Incometax,
Commissioner of Incomerax [Retrd]

Thangting House,
Molnom West,
Churachandpur, 795128.


Dr. Th. Siamkhum
Principal Churachandpur Government College,
Churachandpur, Manipur.

Subject:- Proposal for the opening of Manipur University center at Churachandpur College.
Dear Sir,
As you know there are a no. of both Govt. and Private Colleges in Manipur out of which the biggest is the first and the foremost DM College which had been the alma mater of many brilliant people in all fields of life. I am one of the few who had studied in D.M College when it was at its best from 1960-1964. At that time it was the only Govt. College in the whole of Manipur and the next to Private College were Imphal College and Manipur College.
It had been a long since the Govt. had converted many colleges both in the hills and the plain and out of which till today Churachandpur College stands only the biggest and the best performing Govt. Colleges in the whole of Manipur.
After my retirement from Indian Revenue Service since 2002 I had been proposing this matter to the past Principal’s of the Churachandpur College. I am told that during the time when Lalremthang Tusing was holding the post of Principal there was almost finalization of the fulfillment of opening of Manipur University Center at Churachandpur College. I am also told that the condition imposed by the Manipur University authority was that there must be one Doctorate Degree in the subject of the department. Another condition was that the Manipur University authority will take only the responsibility of conducting the examination and no financial assistance was to be forthcoming.
However at the relevant time Churachandpur College was still continuing class-xi and class-xii and the staff side of the opinion that it might be too heavy to take the responsibility for the teaching from class –xi to Master Degree therefore it was kept in a abeyance for the time being.
Now the College has grown up and the teaching staff also have been provided sufficiently and teaching of class-xi and class-xii had also been discontinued long back.
In view of the above facts and circumstances as I would like to request you to take up the matter with the Manipur University authority for opening at least 2 or 3 subjects of Master Degree courses in the Churachandpur College.
You are aware that there is lot of difficulties in getting admission in Master Degree courses in Manipur University for the tribals. This problem can easily be solved by opening Master Degree Course in Churachandpur College on the initiative taken by you as the first regular govt. appointed principal of the college since its establishment next to the founder Dr. T.S Gangte.
In the year 1966 while teaching in Gandhi Memorial High School I had enrolled in the M.A History course in D.M College night class. Practically only with one professor, Prof. Gangmumei Kamei. At that time only in two subjects Mathematics and History were opened. In Mathematics also there was only one Professor who was one of the most brilliant in Mathematics. Fortunately though I had attended only few classes I had passed my M.A Previous and Final examination securing 57% standing in 3rd position in the M.A History examination result 1969. That had brighten my teaching career as well as joining the Central Govt. Service way back in 1973.
I would fervently request you to take up the matter sincerely and seriously for opening up of Manipur University Center in Churachandpur at least in 2 or 3 subjects. I am told that Geography Dept. in Churchandpur had been performing exceptionally well producing 1st class owner every year. Other subject like Education, Political Science and History may be considered as the condition permits.
With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

N. Lhungdim

Copy to:-
1. President, Kuki Student Organization, Churachandpur District.
2. President, Hmar Student Association
3. President, Siamsin Pawlpi, Paite Student Association
4. President, Zousang Naupang Pawlpi, Zou Student Association.
5. President, Gangte Student Organization
6. President, Simte Student Organization
7. President, Zillai Vaiphei Student Association
8. President, Chin Student Association
9. President, Mizo Zirlai Pawl, Manipur.

Yours sincerely


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