Pu Narendra Modi lamkai na Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Bill thah ki pass

Pu Narendra Modi lamkai na Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Bill thah ki pass


Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Bill thah ki pass

27th of July 2019

Edited by Nitinthusoh Editorial Team

Mahur: Central Government in Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill Pass ahin bol to kilhon in, Traffic dan jui lou a Gari Tol ho dia Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Bill thah ahung ki phatsah to ki lhon in, tu a pat Fine hi ahung pung be in ahi. Chule tu a pat Ambulance le Emergency Gari dang ho Ot lou a gari tol ho chung a fine dangka sang som (Rs 10,000) achoi ding ahi tai.

Nitinthusoh National Correspondents ho a pat Thulhut kimu dungjui in hiche bill hi 16th Lok Sabha term kichai jieh a, Rajya Sabha a pending a ana ki koi ahi, chule hiche bill hi Prime Minister of India Pu Narendra Modi lamkai na noija Cabinet a ana ki phatsah ahi tai.

*Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019 dung jui a tu a pat Fine hi noui a bang a kila ding ahi tai.*

– Over Speeding – Rs 1000 to Rs 2000

– Driving without insurance – Rs 2000

– Driving without helmet – Rs 1000 + 3-months license suspension

– Disobedience of the orders of authorities – Rs 2000

– Unauthorised use of vehicles without a licence – Rs 5000

– Driving despite disqualification – Rs 10,000

– Dangerous driving – Rs 5000

– Drunken driving – Rs 10,000

-Driving without seat belts – Rs 1000

– Overloading of vehicles – Rs 20,000

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