Saving Finance Society in Hebron veng, new lamka ah office hong thak


Saving Finance Society in Hebron veng, new lamka ah office hong thak

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Niteng nektawm zong banah Bank naih sese ngailou a, sum khol theihna Saving Finance Society in, a kiphuhkhiak nung uh, Molnom, Ccpur a Head office nei a bangtan hiam nna a sep nung un, mipite khualna in Damkam Bazar sak a Manipur Rural Bank office tung Top floor ah Saving Finance Society office ding honkhiakna hong nei uhi. Saving Finance Society ahihleh khateng in ei sum neihdan zil in Rs 500 apan Rs 7000 kikal mahni ngap dandan in khakhat in khatvei zel koih theih a, saving koihnung kha 6 nung in, loan leng laktheih hi’n kigen hi. khakhat a Rs 500 koh te’n kha 6 nung in Rs 10,000-30,000 kikal Loan la thei in, mahni sum koih ngapdan zil in loan laktheih zah leng kibanglou a, I sum koih pen khateng in 1.8 percent in pung ding hi. Saving peuhmah kum 4 target hi a, huai hunsung in member khat in kum khat a chin chiang in a saving sa sum 70 percent withdraw khethei ding a, Loan la peuhmah in ahihleh interest 1.8 percent in a dit uh ngaiding a, Kha 6 tan saving bawl khinsa peuhmah in Personal Loan dan in Rs 5 Lakh tan loan la thei in, Business loan dan in Rs 5 Lakh banah Kishan Loan dan in Rs 50,000 tan loan la thei ding uh hi’n kigen hi. Huchi bang a saving koih nuam leh lunglutna neite’n thuchian kimzaw a office uh Damkam Bazar sak a Manipur Rural Bank building sawngtung ah kanchet theihding a, Mobile number 8729-902-151 ah leng thuzak theih ding hi’n kigen hi.

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