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THANK YOU CCPUR By:Lunminthang Haokip DC Churachandpur 2017



From the core of my heart, I must thank the people of CCPur District for having co-operated with a naive guy like me at the helm of Administrative affairs of this wonderful Eimi District for two years and three months. I will miss the CCPur media, cable networks, and the likeable social sensitivity of the citizens.

I only cherish the good moments of brotherhood we shared lovingly together during my eventful tenure. You all were so good to me. God has been merciful to us all. Official events were attended whole-heartedly with a zeal and enthusiasm hard to find elsewhere.

There are many good memories I cherish in the depth of my heart that remind the months and years we worked together to bring in some tangible changes in the ‘Land-of-Precedents.’ It was my pleasure to hobnob for a while with unique men and women of varying calibre coupled with above-average educational awareness.

The fruit of our good collective effort to light up the main streets of downtown CCPur had been recognised and awarded by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi, on 24 Jan, 2017, a few days before my transfer from my fave district. Pix of award plaque posted below.

Thank you all and may God bless the District.

May God bless you all.

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