The 1st Pi NIANGZEN TROPHY 2019  Group-Stage | Matchday Preview  Today’s Fixtures : 25th June, 2019 (Tuesday)



 Group-Stage | Matchday Preview  Today’s Fixtures :

25th June, 2019 (Tuesday)

1. FC Zotal vs Lamka FC @ 01:00 pm.

2. Headquarters Athletic Union vs YC Pearsonmun @ 03:00 pm.

A do-or-die match for Headquarters Athletic Union and YC Pearsonmun, FC Zotal vs Lamka FC

📝 By : Seiminlun Kipgen

Ccpur, the 25th June, 2019

With seven of the eight quarter-final slots having been filled, today could see all such eight slots been filled when Group D rivals YC Pearsonmun and Headquarters Athletic Union exchange words of action for progression in the day’s second match while already qualified FC Zotal and Lamka FC will be playing the final Group C game as the thrilling group-stage actions of the 1st Pi Niangzen Trophy 2019 reached its penultimate stages at Lamka Public Ground, Churachandpur.

The first match of the day will be a formality fixture between FC Zotal, who have confirmed themselves to be a Group C winners, and out-of-contention Lamka FC. Two wins in as many games for FC Zotal put them through to the quarter-finals and having seen two of their matches largely lacking killing instinct and urgency, they will be taking today’s fixture to sharpen their weapons in time to face stronger oppositions in the last -8. In contrary, Lamka FC suffered heavy defeats in two of the matches they played so far and today they will be looking forward to change that awful run.

Unlike the first match, the day’s second match between Headquarters Athletic Union and YC Pearsonmun will be highly crucial with wins for the latter will send them through to the next round and win by the former still send them through hoping United Khawzim Brothers do Them favour in tomorrow’s last group-stage action. In case, the match ended in a draw, huge advantage will be with YC Pearsonmun as Khallai FC are unlikely to get big win against mighty United Khawzim Brothers tomorrow.


📋 Group Standings :

Group C :

1. FC Zotal 02 06 +3.
2. Koite YU 03 04 +4.
3. Zomi FC 03 04 +1.
4. Lamka FC 02 00 -8.

Remaining Fixture:
FC Zotal vs Lamka FC


Group D :

1. UKB 02 06 +9.
2. Pearsonmun 02 03 -3.
2. Khallai FC 02 01 -1.
4. Hqtrs AU 02 01 -5.

Remaining Fixtures :
Headquarters AU vs YC Pearsonmun
United Khawzim Brothers vs Khallai FC

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