THE MOORS OF CCPUR:  By: Lunminthang Haokip (2016)

THE MOORS OF CCPUR: By: Lunminthang Haokip (2016)



By: Lunminthang Haokip (2016)

1. On terrains south of Manipur State,
Across ranges north of Mizo Plate;
Upon the gentle slopes that cover
Land and rivers upto the borders;
God placed people who are ethnic
To live unique in CCPur District.

The State calls to take part in giant strides;
Fate keeps us apart as defiant tribes.
Greed to love own self will to chaos lead;
The great God knows all things we need.
Let’s pray that nature’s fury may cease,
And malice we nurse may freeze in peace.

2. To lift up our lot, God keeps giving;
The gift is to see our stock booming.
We put in less and ask for much more;
Him we thank less and rue in our core.
His light pull-up shakes up the weak world;
To draw nigh to Him will save the whole.

3. CCPur’s blessings are God-given;
Our moors and springs are heavy-laden;
Man’s nature craves to be self-driven,
We’ll gain stature in being goal-driven;
Let’s wake up to plan out our future
That our eleven Blocks may hit a Sixer.

* Shoot location of pic below:
Khuga Dam, Mata, CCPur by DRDA/CCPur in 2016.

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