In the forest a pregnant deer went near a flowing river in search of a good place to give birth, it finds the area safe. Suddenly labor pain begin!
At the same moment the dark cloud🌇 fall and the lighting strike 🌌cause fire🔥 in the forest, when the dear turn left it saw a hunter creeping with an arrow pointed towards it, when it turns right the deer saw a hungry lion coming towards it, in front of the deer there where the flowing river was. What will this deer that is in pain do?
Will she survive? 😟
Will she give birth to the fawn(young deers)?
Will the fawns survive?
Will the fire consume them?
Will she died from the hunter’s arrow?
Or will the hungry lion tear her to pieces? 😢😢😢😢
The fire, the hunter, the lion and the river all surrounded her, what will she do?
The deer has nothing to do so it focuses on giving birth to a new life.
This is what happens as the deer give birth to the fawn 👇👇👇👇👇
_The lightning strike and put darkness in the eyes of the hunter.
_he releases the arrow and it miss the deer and hit the hungry lion dead.
_it starts to rain 🌉heavenly and the forest fire went off totally 😊😊😊
And the deer give birth to a healthy fawn👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

In life, there are times we are confronted with so many difficulties😕 that confuses our mind and give us negative thoughts and impossibilities, some of the thoughts are so powerful that it overcome and overwhelm us. Maybe we can learn from the pregnant dear👇👇👇👇👇

The only thing that was on the mind😇 of the deer at that time was to give birth to a baby. The rest wasn’t in her hands, so any action or reaction that would have changed her focus that moment would have resulted in death or disaster.

Ask yourself, where is your focus? 
Where’s your faith or hope? 
In the midst of the storm, keep focus on your creator always, he will never ever forsake or let you down, NEVER 
Remember, your creator never make mistake(s), neither does he sleeps. 
A strong 💪person always keep their focus, even with tears 😢running down their eyes, they always say I am OK with a smile😁.

I sent this to you because I want you to be strong 💪and keep the faith, so share it on your time line that someone can read it too and be strong.


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