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Time for JKSSB to Regain its Credibility


Time for JKSSB to Regain its Credibility

I am Hopefull to see the fate of Present System in JKSSB to be Replaced with System for Contemporary Period to Evolve as Transperent and Corruption Free

The constitution is highest law of land which clearly delibates power to different branches of government. The Legislative, the judicial and the executive branches. Among the executive branch the constitution has established an organized body politic for some independent functions in the country. These bodies are called constitutional bodies. They are provided with ample securities to in the function of thier duties. These are commonly called as Autonomous bodies. The legacy as traced from History of Napoleonic code was entrusted to one such institutional makeup called as Public Service Commission and Service Selection Board. Now the
constitution also provides for separate state commissions to held recruitment tests for non gazzeted to gazzeted officials along broad spectrum of departments. The nritty-gritty of the working in commission to held Competition for state competitive exam. This recruitment agency held exams for non gazzeted posts The commission is engaged in this recruitment process from years. However the notifications for various posts from 2020 onwards has always emerged debatable among aspirant fraternity.The declaration of cancellation of jammu kashmir police sub inspector exam came as a bolt from blue for almost everyone expecting selection. Is this true ? Are the aspirants exposing aberration of outcome? The nritty-gritty of present crisis is that from the promulgation of merit list stage the debatable notification appealed blow after blow. The objective type exam was conducted for a mammoth aspirant fraternity in conventional manner as main deciding factor. In the aftermath of exam the official key published by jkssb was snow white wrong for few questions which reduced the proportion of marks for one group while some others got decrease in the actual tally. Thereafter jkssb announced that some questions are to be deleted. Then jkssb published a general merit list on their official website which kicked many candidates out from list on behalf of merit and corruption. These aspirants made hue and cry before media which entertained their cause and put those queries before the government of jammu and kashmir for inquiry. This way the intentional slap was thrashed on merit. Whatever the reasons like natural justice or so called corruption of jkssb officials. This lackadaisical approach became burdensome for meritorious aspirants who have toiled hard to unravel exam puzzle. The question here’s that these corrupted officials are gonna to serve executive branch for law and order but alas The real meritorious candidates took it easy.

The protests are continuing at both cities by aggrieved candidates. The mockery is that there’s no grievance redressal mechanism available at jkssb office. However when government of jammu and Kashmir came under intense pressure they accpeted that the case is under investigation and as per the preliminary investigation the officials have done corruption which became an albatross around the neck of meritorious and deserving candidates. Is it way out for entry of selective aspirants? Since right from first stage errors whether intentional or unintentional have came to fore as proved by the investigation. Why is khalid Jahingir former chairman of jkssb adamant that there is a transparency in jkssb If there’s a coincidence of his statement and deeds why he’s reluctant for even finance account assistant and assistant complier enquiry. The mere statement of denying allegations isn’t justified at all. Neither is he any sage not any magician that statement coming from him will be taken in original context. Now the best way to redress the grievances and save the morale of recruiting body on part of executive is to ist cancel the further examination process and establish novice board with high calibre officers. As the khalid jahangir has messed the things up number of times, the logical solution is to enforce the transfer process. Thereafter the internal committee as demanded by students shall be immediately established to clear the air about rest of the examination like Finance Account Assistant and Assistant Complier. Morever I didn’t visualize anything wrong in the decision of aggrieved aspirants to move to press colonies on the grounds earlier mentioned. The mature way out for jkssb is to let the aspirants proceed to investigation and cooperate if the whole process in his words is fair. Is it Mass scam which compells him to make things in haste ? It’s high time that jkssb halts further examination process. The CBI inquiry need to be supported arm and a leg to get whole things cleared at every possible fora. the credibility of jkssb is at stake. Let’s hope the things get clearer in the near future and meritorious aspirants get justice. All I can say is that one who doesn’t supports the merit and fairness need to commit self immolation. Hats off to merit based recruitment.

Unless and until the overhaul of JKSSB is not taken into consideration the collapse of system is not far from us. The only way out is to completely refit the management of JKSSB and someone like SSC be ensued with responsibility of credible institution to streamline the recruitment process. Everyone is in confusing state of affairs when it comes to preparing for service selection board in strife torren KASHMIR which is very well stretched by Board. There’s a grapevine abuzz in streets about an enquiry for FAA, Assistant complier, Class ivth and junior assistant exam. The politics of the day should not only abstain from interference but actively force JKSSB to streamline process for fast track recruitment and corruption free exam. We don’t know how much time it will take but the surety of exams to be held from August onwards bangs the head of aspiring candidates. The sooner the institutions quickens like SSC the better it’s for management to sustain otherwise none but men in chair would be held guilty in court of public where nothing but court joins the conundrum. To regain the credibility of JKSSB is to show its impartiality in future recruitment examination and to improve the transparency in institutional functioning. Commission is for candidates and candidates are fruits of commission they must be in tandem with laws and rules in force amid complete justice for the students within the norma set by law to gain legitimacy in the student fraternity which will be known by the cry of Merit always rule. Let’s hope to get some bolt from blue albeit my pessimism. ….. .

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir can be reached at

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