TWISTS AND TURNS OF LIFE: By: Lunminthang Haokip

TWISTS AND TURNS OF LIFE: By: Lunminthang Haokip


By: Lunminthang Haokip
1. Shanty dwellers are prone to big ways fawn;
Country settler gets drawn to stray in town.
Soon naïve guy gets weary of urban jibes;
Pruned though by life, to copy’s not his type.
Urged to go vain, frills may make him keen;
Born in hill-lane, in thrills he’s still bumpkin.
With sweat of toil comes fit skills one craves for;
Wreaths welcome lit name with kind raves galore.
Yet, fickle as the tickle of one’s fame,
Astute is plaudits of someone’s acclaim.
Smiles often go stiff to give way for frowns,
If one gets shaken to keep one’s chips down.
2. Weird are the twists and turns fate has in store;
Torn to shreds is man when pet plans turn sour.
The mind desires to equal one’s betters;
And better one’s equals in every matter.
To get things done, one needs to ‘flesh’ cater;
But, leaning on man, hopes at last shatter.
3. Things gone by reminds that events went odd;
Nothing shone outside the Will of The Lord.
Sad was “leaning on one’s own understanding;”
Bad was ‘clinging on to the flesh’s prompting!’
This ought to be the final Word on earth;
That is: ’Trust the Lord with all thine heart.’
Reference verse: Proverbs 3:5

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