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UROLOGIST OPD: Every Thursday-


UROLOGIST OPD: Every Thursday-

29th March 2021 Jerusalem Clinic OPD Routine update.

Date 1st April 2021;Time : 2:30 to 4pm- Kal ah suang um,Kal ah Suang um um kit sek, Zunthum ziak ah Kal hoilo, Gilna zing, Operation na damtheilo, Zun thak haksa leh Gilna pha thei chuleh San ten kumlui nei leh Kal lam taw kisai himhim etsak vek thei ding ahi.

#Ultrasound -Nisin ah ka bawl zing ui

Chuleh Digital X Ray – Thisan test leh Zunthum test nisin a bawl thei zing ahi.

Zia a chung a Jerusalemclinic Doctor kietsak nuamten booking bawl thei zing ahitai.
Contact : 03874235924/ 03874796024.

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