ZION COUNTRY SCHOOL   By: Lunminthang Haokip

ZION COUNTRY SCHOOL  By: Lunminthang Haokip


By: Lunminthang Haokip

1. Eve sank; and men could no more discern,
We thank God for leading us to learn;
The World has things in it as He wills,
The head can think and feel as He fills;
When every soul is full with the Word,
The whole will joy in will of the Lord.
We sing praise from the core of our hearts,
To Him who created heaven and earth,
At Zion Country School, We come to seek
What we know not but will make us peak,
With faith in Him, let us feed the mind.
That by it, we may learn, serve and shine.
2. Life is hard and slow in country-shire,
Poor kids live low and play in the mire;
Hi-tech learning’s a far dream for us,
With no-tech, we’ll take the odds to task;
Making “joy in the Lord” as our verve,
We’ll aim high to be on par and serve.
3. The world is like a global village,
We get our lot in a local place,
But trust Thee for glory and splendour,
Them that honour Thee Thou will honour;
We all pray to the Thee O God most kind,
Bless and help us to learn, serve and shine.

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