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ZS STUDIO Hawn daw na um ta ding


ZS Studio hawn daw na program

Ani 6th Jan 2021 , Ahun 12 noon. Amun : Mualveng,Tipaimuk Road,Lamka,Churachandpur,Manipur,India. 

Hawndaw na ei ding : Shri.TN.Haokip,MLA Saikot.

Latna Pauchapna neiding : Pauzathang Singson ECCI General Director.

Chief Guest : Shri.TN.Haokip,MLA Saikot.

Guest of Honor: Thangkhosuanmung Guite MDC, Chief of Hiangtam Lamka,

Functional President : Shri Pawan Yadav DC,Churachandpur




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