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KKL in Blood Donated bawl | Get in Lamka


6th Dec 2023 | Get in Lamka

Tunichun district headquarters youth organization DHYO tohgon nanoi ah, igam inam ngailut najal in, KKL. in apoimo dungjui a amanchah ding in, Lamka district hospital mun ah, thisan unit somthum ana PE uvin ahi. Geldohthei khatchu gal nei ihi utoh kilhon a imaban uhi thisan nasatah a hung poimo ding ahin ahi.

Thisan lhahsam na aum louna ding a, tu a kipat a, khangdong hon pan ilah diuhi apoimo mama in ahi. Tumasang Jep phat chomkhat ihungboi sung uchun thisan jeh in boina sangtah inatoh uvin, tuchan hinjong KKL in thisan unit jakhat Val bat anei nalai uvin ahi.

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