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Shalom and Greetings from:- T.Tualzathang.


Shalom and Greetings from:- T.Tualzathang.

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”( Proverbs 14:34).

KHRIST a Unau deihtah te aw, dihtatna kichi ei mahni niteng hinkhuo a poi moh daan Bible ah kichian tah in muh theih in um hi. JESU KHRIST a piangthana dih tah nei ten bang chih lai pouh a, initeng hinkhuo a ikepbit gige poi moh leh kuul tazet hi.

DIHTATNA (RIGHTEOUSNESS), thumal hih Bible pumpi sung ah 477 veih muh thei in um hi. Old Testament sung ah 321 veih muh thei in um a. Huleh, New Testament sung ah 156 veih muh thei in um hi. Old Testament book 39 sung ah, adia in Psalm lekhabu sung ah 107 veih muh thei in um hi. Next ah, Isaiah lekhabu sung ah 61 veih muh thei in um hi.

Huchih bang boh in New Testament lekhabu 27 sung ah, Paul in Rome mite kung a, alekha thot, Romans laithot bu sung ah 57 veih muh thei in um hi. Next Matthew lekhabu sung ah13 veih muh thei in um hi. Dihtatna apoi moh daan leh akuul daan chiang tah in muh theih in um hi.

Hujia in JESU KHRIST nungjuui dih tah ihi a ahileh, initeng hinkhuo hih DIHTATNA, DIHTATNA, DIHTATNA, ngen a adim diing ahi. Dihtatna leh dihtaatlouna um khawm thei het lou ahi chih thei poi moh pet mah hi.

Dear brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST. Look, today, through the grace of GOD ALMIGHTY, some of you in this WhatsApp group may have been retired from the Manipur Sate Government service under different departments, after having put in many years of service, may be more than three decades or so. During this long carrier of service in your respective department, you will definitely come across many ups and downs, either in transfer and posting, promotions etc etc. This is fact. You will also closely seen the corruptions and corrupt practices, bribe giving and bribe taking, taking place in the various government depts, including your department during your long carrier of service.This is also fact.You may or may not involved directly or indirectly, but you have definitely seen the unrighteousness. You feel the pain seeing all these corruptions and corrupt practices taking place.Truly, how many times you have prayed to GOD for those people involved in detestable things as follower of JESUS CHRIST?

We can’t deny the fact that our government is facing myriads of problems, solvable and unsolvable problems, especially the rampant drug maniacs. Besides it is also engulf with corruptions and corrupt practices, bribe giving and bribe taking, although we didn’t saw by our naked eyes the actual transactions that has taken place, however, we can saw from the quality of the various developmental works, like roads, bridges, buildings etc, executed by contractors and various implementing agencies, that clearly proved that corruption took place. Besides, we can also seen from the various job recruitments/appointments in different departments, especially in the Police Dept and MPSC examinations etc etc.

Christian officers in the various depts of Manipur Government should have been a living example in the righteousness and truthfulness of JESUS CHRIST, should emulate the example of JESUS CHRIST among the vast majority of people in the government who do not know JESUS CHRIST. But, rather, we are more corrupt than those who don’t know JESUS CHRIST. In this way how can we enlarge the tent of JESUS CHRIST? It is not possible at all to bring the vast majority of people who don’t know JESUS CHRIST in the different departments of Manipur Government to come to CHRIST JESUS. Is not it?

We, as professed Christians completely failed in this direction. We are totally failed. It is because we, ourselves don’t know that, we are the TEMPLE of the Living GOD. (1 Corinthians 3:16 and 1 Corinthians 6:19). A small candle light in the end of a dark tunnel can be seen by those who venture in the dark tunnel. Amen.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34). Amen.

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