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Happy Birthday Dear Dr Sahab | The Moon and the Stars are not enough to Express my Love


Happy Birthday Dear Dr Sahab

The Moon and the Stars are not enough to Express my Love

Dr Sahab sending special wishes to you, to have the most fantastic day filled with all the things you love in life… You make me happy, you make my dreams come true, there is no one I would rather spend my life with than you…I’m thankful, you are my partner and I love you too. For our Nexus, Thank you for always being there to hold my hand. You are the best partner i could ever ask for. I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you. Forget the past, look forward to the future, for the best things which are going to come. My best wishes for a colorful day filled with love and laughter. I hope that your special day is full of everything that you want. Everything that being happiness today & always. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I wish you the greatest happiness that can be in this world. May all your dreams and wishes come true Allah bless. Dear jana believe me these Birthday wishes are not enough to express how lucky and thankful I’m for having you in my life as life partner I’m blessed to have you wishing you all the best in life and many more In upcoming days , and good health, happiness long life and more. Happy Birthday goes to my soul mate love you so much. wishing to you all the happiness in the world my hubby. Dr sahab the moon and the stars are not enough to express my Love for you. In my life, you’re the most important thing. Because of the joy you bring I shall forever cherish you On your finger, I want to put a ring On your lips, I want to plant a kiss and let you know how deep my Love for you is. Dear jana I wish I could attach my heart to this Birthday wish. Only then you might understand how much you mean to me. I wish you are always happy,
and I will try to make that reality for you. My Love, soul please let me be the one to put a birthday wish in your heart ask me what the wish is that you will never leave my side ever. Now, hear my own birthday wish for you my Love for you will keep shining like the brightness of the sun.


The pious stories of Laila Majnu and Romeo Juliet are just cited as too extreme to be realised in actual practice. As the social pursuits proceed, the physique and outlook for a general satisfaction took over reigns leaving spirit far behind in the scheme of things. The relationship is now reviewed in the balance of quantitive spirit having etiquettes of materiality and physique for sexual desires and worldly claims. It’s so strange to witness a man questioning about status and glamour of partner knowingly without caring for spirit which is penultimate and jugular vein of relationship. Indeed the conditions of society are overall responsible for such a steep fall in the morals, however the individual at large shall always be held responsible in court of justice who seeks refuge in the short lived physical look of partner and leaving the admired immortal soul and spirit, love, essence et Al behind while deciding the fate.Having said that true relationship is indeed a great admiration and ideal which fine tunes the balance in the personality of man. It abounds the society with great respect and care feelings which stabilize the relations for smooth functioning of man. It’s worthy to remind ourselves that our partners are accomplice in the world of our feelings where strings of heart touch for the meeting of souls which lives long and goes on forever. Otherwise the relationship as it stands today is a mere business transaction for giving birth and satisfying wildly hunger while the precepts of ideal principles go unnoticed


A very warm and reguvenated happy birthday to the person who were suddenly unpredictable that is Dr Mursal Wani Today on this day you were born to brighten up some minds and flourish some hearts with the garland of flowers. you were born to become an achiever of the dreams you had. From my side,i wish you all the happy and glourious wishes. May your worries end up leaving a path for happiness to come. May you inspire the minds . May you glow and flow through the beauties and capture the memories of it. May you always be in the good books of everyone. May you be the reason to uplift the needy and contribute to the welfare of society. Wishing you a very charming happy birthday… Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE.


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