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1) Dawn school , Thingkangphai thang , Teddim Road apat ki gamla lou , Mualpi lampi kiang ah inmun hunkhawp kizuak a um a , lunglut na nei ten ngaiven thei in a.
A hoih na te.
1) Main road apat feet 30 vel a lian
2) internal road cheng 25 a lian vek
3) lampi lh culvert cheng bawlsak vek hi ding

2) Mission compound lh pearsonmun kikal, Old tipaimukh road (Mission Compound short cut le kiti ) ah inmun 50/100 feet ah lian hunkhawp lh a size chuam2 a um ahi . A rate ahilh Rs . 200000/- etc(Rs 40/- only per sq.ft.)Thu chian he nuam ten mobile number 7005025308 ahi kihopi thei zing ahi.

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