You are currently viewing JCB HIRE/KO THEI Call +91 87318 63664

JCB HIRE/KO THEI Call +91 87318 63664


7th Dec 2022 | Get in Lamka

Lamka leh a sevel a mat thei ding JCB HIRE/ko thei ding (athak lek)lem chang tak in a um tai.

Inmun a leisai khuat ding, Lampi siam ding, suang luak ding Nulah khuat ding ti le thil chuam chuam a mat thei ding ahi. Mihing thasang a hat zaw mama ding ahi ziak in mang le chin kisik puan la. Chun, tipper lei hin suang hin thik hile hun thak vel lum let piak ding le driver kiman san aum zing hi.

Contact number: +91 87318 63664
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