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24th Jan 2022 | Get in Lamka


(Attn: Pu Malsawm)

Dear co-worker,

1. It is with great appreciation and gratitude for your helpful coverage of Vision Lamka, particularly its flagship event held on 21 Jan 2023 that I am writing to you today.

2. With the publicity in your esteemed paper, people of Lamka will now be more aware of Vision Lamka and its objectives. The media coverage on the event held on 21 Jan 2023 on public health issues will go a long way in building up better awareness about health issues in our town. For this priceless effort of yours, VL hereby expressed our sincere gratitude to yu and your entire team through this humble letter.

3. Nothwithstanding the foregoing, I would also like to draw your kind attention for information and for reference whenever need arises in future that, Vision Lamka is a society constituted of members both retired and serving in the All India Services, Central Civil Services, Central Secretariat, NGOs, PSUs, Social Services etc across the nation and having visited or stayed abroad but hailing from Lamka town.

4. I would appreciate if the above clarification is noted for future with reference to ‘Vision Lamka’.

Together (with God’s help), we can and we WILL make it.The best is yet to come🗒️


Secretary VL
24 January 2023

Cc: Managing Committee, VL

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