You are currently viewing KSO in Thiamzil ding ah naupang sawldawt

KSO in Thiamzil ding ah naupang sawldawt


*Office of the*
*Kuki Students’ Organisation*

*Date : 28/11/23*

_*Manipur a pat simlai chapang mi 15 (som le nga) hung ho chu tunin KSO minin KSO Advisor, President, Finance in Kochi Airport mun a aga lamto uvin ahi.*_

*KSO advisor* _*Pa.Maunlal Simte in Airport sung a simlai chapang hung kalsong ho chom chan tilkhou na phat anei jin Jo nan taopeh na jong anei tha in ahi.*_

_*8:00pm vel chun Trissur jon dingin Airport apat Bus a akipat doh taove.*_


Gl. Ngamboi Gangte

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