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Shalom and Greetings from PaTual T.Tualzathang.


2nd Feb 2023 | Get in Lamka

Shalom and Greetings from PaTual T.Tualzathang.

Legal cultivation of opium for medicinal purposes is carried out in India, only in selected areas, under free licensing conditions. India is the world’s largest manufacturer of legal opium for the pharmaceutical industry according to the CIA World Factbook. India is one among 12 countries in the world where legal cultivation for medical use is permissible within the ambit of United Nations, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961.

In India legal cultivation is done primarily in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Despite producing poppy for opium production India depends heavily on imports to meet need of Poppy seed for edible purposes and domestic Codeine demand for medical purposes (more than 30% by imports).

Opium is heavily imported from its top producing nations like Afghanistan. There is also an account of Opium black marketing in India.

All the forest land in the state of Manipur hills where illegal poppy cultivation has taken place since few years ago, unfortunately belongs to the professed Christians people in the hills of Manipur. The forest land does not belong to majority non-Christian people. However, this majority non-Christians were vehemently opposed to the illegal cultivation of poppy plants to save the lives of people, and as well as to save the forest land from destruction due to the illegal poppy cultivation.

Imagine, how on earth, the non-Christians of Manipur, vehemently opposed and fight against this illegal poppy cultivation which actually is the duties and responsibilities of the professed Christians? It appears that GOD is using the non-Christian people of Manipur, so that, the professed Christian people will open their spiritual eyes and hearts, repent from their sins and come to HIM.

The non-professed Christians of Manipur led by its non-Christian Chief Minister fight tooth and nail to eradicate this illegal poppy cultivation in the hills of Manipur, whereas the professed Christians were doing their best to cultivate the illegal poppy plants in their forest land to earn more and more money, despite the fact that, the government of the day is completely against the cultivation, and it is also against the teachings of and commandments of JESUS CHRIST.

Besides, the professed Christians knowing fully well that the illegal poppy cultivation is a clear contravention of the teachings and commandments of ALMIGHTY GOD, disobeyed GOD and continue to cultivating the illegal poppy plants.They purchased homestead land here and there with the blood money, built beautiful and palatial residential buildings, purchased high end cars and drives on the dusty roads without knowing that GOD is keenly watching their every moves.

The money minted by the cultivation of the illegal poppy plants, say, one by tenth or more were deposited as tithes in the various church denominations in which they belong, and surprisingly the various churches also accepted these blood money for the glory of GOD ALMIGHTY. We don’t know for sure whether this blood money will glorify GOD or not? Only GOD knows. This is the state of affairs in the churches in Manipur. What a pity? O LORD GOD have mercy. Have mercy!

We truly believe that GOD will not accept these blood money for the expansion of HIS kingdom, though majority of the church members appreciated and glorified those who have given the blood money to the church in which they belong with mementos etc.

We can’t say how long this abomination will go on in the churches in Manipur? The day will come when the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will pour out HIS wrath against the people who drunk the wine of Babylon. Amen.

Shalom and GOD bless you.

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